I believe that Spirit is in everything, in every time, and every place. This belief serves as the basis for my spiritual direction practice, as well as my life in general. Through the conscious discipline of taking time to notice the presence, energy, and movement of the Spirit, it is possible to deepen and become more aware of the sacred all around us, and the Spirit that moves through us.

With the companionship that is at the core of spiritual direction, life’s calling to greater purpose is nurtured and strengthened. As a spiritual director, I have found this to be true for those unassociated, or unfamiliar with any spiritual tradition, as well as those who have spent years immersed in a particular wisdom tradition.

As a Supervisor for Spiritual Directors, the awareness of the presence of Oneness, and the movement of the Spirit expands as the two join together to focus on that movement. The well being, and nurture of the directee being central to the practice of Supervision, director and supervisor work together to bring to light the ways in which the Spirit might be moving, or constricted from moving as the director engages with the stories, and journey of the directee. 

As a chaplain at Hospice By The Bay from 2002 through 2007, I listened while people in their final days spoke of spiritual experiences, hopes, and even dreams. While these might have been expressed through a particular lens of culture and/or tradition, each expression included the deeply human need to know ourselves as part of the greater whole, and part of the sacred. This was the connecting thread that wove all people, and traditions together. 

In addition to my spiritual direction, and supervision practices, I have been honored to serve as a liturgical leader and co-pastor of Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church, in San Francisco, California, from 2003 through 2015. I began working at Seventh Avenue as a seminary intern, and subsequently became a Parish Associate. As part of this work, I lead retreats, officiate at weddings, baptisms and memorials. Through Seventh Avenue I also serve as a small group facilitator and preacher for Companions on the Inner Way, an internationally known, five-day contemplative retreat.

My credentials include a Masters of Divinity degree, a Diploma in the Art of Spiritual Direction from the San Francisco Theological Seminary, and a certificate for Spiritual Direction Supervision through the Together In The Mystery program. I currently work both as small group leader, as well as a particum supervisor with the Certificate/Diploma In The Art Of Spiritual Direction  run through the Christian Spirituality Department of the University of Redlands (previously San Francisco Theological Seminary).