Spiritual Directors International offers resources for spirituality, contemplative prayer, contemplative practice, compassionate listening, mindfulness, discernment, education, and retreats.

Seventh Avenue Presbyterian Church is a congregation in San Francisco, CA, that believes that our unity is found not in our conformity, but in our diversity: we are church that works again. At Seventh Avenue there is no question that can’t be asked.

Companions on the Inner Way is a five-day guided retreat grounded in the Christian Tradition. By honoring body, mind and soul, companions are invited to the inner journey with the Spirit.

Carolyn Foster specializes in helping people make wise, clear choices to solve problems and achieve goals. She draws on her rich background as author, coach, counselor, professor, and speaker to promote more authentic and joyful lives for the individuals and groups who hear or work with her.

emilyfletcher.com is a meditation practitioner.  What makes her so special is that she is one of the most clearly articulate, and well educated people I have ever heard describe both process and the benefits of meditation.